Government House, acrylic on canvas                       My sister’s garden, Pambula

Excellent gilt frame                                                           Acrylic on board, framed

104cm wide X 77 cm high                                                 64cm wide X 94 cm high









(these two below – better colour than shown in photos)

Anemones acrylic on paper , mounted                             Lady Chatterley’s Tree oil on canvas

and framed, glass 35 wide X 32 cm high                           very good gilt frame 73cm X102cm   X102cm                                                                                                                Still  available   









Madam Pat Thompson- Coburg Park

acrylic on board framed 26 cm X 20cm         Southbank acrylic on board, framed 34cm X 17 cm

Still  available                                                                                                   Still  available   







Goldfish basking at water top – Ripponlea                       Autumn Caulfield Park, gilt frame

framed, acrylic on board, 13cm X 18 cm                                   oil on canvas 61 cm X 18 Cm








Anderson’s Park, Hawthorn                                               Joyce Park, Bentleigh, acrylic on board

acrylic on paper, mounted & framed, glass                   framed 59cm X 48 cm

48cm X 61 cm Still  available                                                    Still  available










Pinching a poppy, St Vincent’s Place                                         Pink roses acrylic on paper

acrylic on paper, under glass, framed                                     under glass, mounted and framed

48cm  X 28cm   Still  available                                                             35 x 54 cm Still  available