Strange sky over drowned valley                                       Lake Bitterang, acrylic on canvas board

Oil on canvas board, very good frame                                framed

66 cm wide X 55 cm high                                                                 66 cm X 55 cm

Still available






Sunset, Lake Mulwala                                                            Missionary Plain, Central Australia

acrylic on board, framed                                                        acrylic on paper, mounted, framed                                                                                         under glass 53cm X 39cm

37cm wide X 54cm high









Evening Lake Mulwala, acrylic on board                               Monitor lizard, hiding in water

framed  50 X 40 cm                                                              acrylic on board, framed 54 X 40cm

           Still available                                                                                                                  Still available






Through the awesome valley, framed                                                   Pambula River                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            acrylic on canvas board

oil on board, framed 53cm X 39cm                                                        framed    50 X 68 cm

through-then-awesome-valley                              pambula-river








Lone Tree – Murray River                                                                      Mangroves, Pambula Lake

oil on board, framed                                                                                       53 cm wide X 48 cm

37cm wide X 52 cm high                                                            oil on board, excellent frame




Golden afternoon, Lake Mulwala                                   Towamba rainbow acrylic on canvas board

oil on board, framed, 53 X 48 cm                                                   unframed, 61cm wide X 46 cm









Blue clouds, acrylic on board                                          Old stumps, Murray River, acrylic on board

framed 38 cm w X 54 cm high                                            framed, 54 X 38cm








The Alexander Arbuthnot, Murray River                          Tree, Mulwala, acrylic on board

acrylic on board, unframed 52 X 47cm                           framed, 50 cm wide X 67 cm

Still available

alexander-arbuthnot                       tree-near-lake








Hattah Lakes glittering sand

acrylic on board. 37 X 52 cm, framed

Still available