Noel Wauchope is an independent writer with a particular interest in issues of nuclear power .


2 thoughts on “About

  1. So, Mr Helbig, about my name on
    First of all, it is part of my real name – Noel Christina Macpherson Wauchope
    Second, because I was at the time I started the blog, working in a conservative institution, I did not want to run the risk of losing my job, by expressing anti-nuclear opinion.

    Now that I have left that job, it is no problem to me for viewers of nuclear-news. net to learn that Christina Macpherson is not my full name.

    I find it convenient to continue my websites under the name Christina Macpherson as I have done for the past 7 years. I also find it convenient to publish my more flippant comments, and graphics as Christina Macpherson, and my more serious and original articles as Noel Wauchope.

    What makes you, Mr Helbig, think I give a hoot about your opinion of me, my background, my knowledge? You are well known as an advocate for the Pentagon, dedicated to being unpleasant to anyone who criticises the nuclear industry.

    Apparently you have joined that sad little band of trolls who regularly abuse me on Twitter, and have drummed up some wonderful conspiracy theories about me. I have blocked their Twitter accounts, and reported their abuse. So now I don’t even see their boring rubbish.

    And I’ll be blocking your further comments – because as Bob Dylan put it in song – “You just kinda wasted my time”

    1. I have received a final comment from Mr Roger Helbig, in which he persists in accusing me of making money from this website. He claims, falsely, that I make money from page hits. He also accuses me of tax evasion – another false accusation.

      Mr Helbig’s comment was indeed his final one, as I have now blocked all comments from him. I advise all his other victims of harassment to do likewise.

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